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Civil Righteousness : World Mandate West message with JT Thomas

A cornerstone of our movement at All Peoples is racial reconciliation. Listen in on JT Thomas's story of being in the midst of riots in Ferugson, Missouri and boldly proclaiming God's Word.

Real Friendship: Women Leaders at All Peoples Discuss!

Listen in on a conversation between some of the main leaders of women at All Peoples as they discuss issues affecting friendship between women in and outside the church today.

Night of Hope: Uncut Interview with Joe Ewen

Listen in on the full interview with Joe Ewen for the Night of Hope.

Night of Hope: Uncut Interview with Marc Dupont

Listen in on Marc Dupont's entire interview with Kendall from our "Night of Hope" an Evening of Prophetic Encouragement.

Night of Hope: Uncut Interview with Cindy Jacobs

Kendall interviews Cindy Jacobs, a prophetic voice to the Body of Christ and world leaders, for the 2020 Night of Hope.

Night of Hope: Uncut Interview with Michael Sullivant

Listen in on the full version of Kendall's interview with Michael Sullivant for the 2020 Night of Hope during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Home @ Havenly: An Interview with Stefanie Herber

Stefanie Herber introduces her new show, Home at Havenly, and shares God's heart for Revival in Family.

Francis Chan at World Mandate West 2020

Francis Chan speaks in San Diego at World Mandate West 2020

Worship: A Leader's Response to God in Crisis

Robert and Kendall interview Stephen Gulley and Craig Muster about responding to God through praise and worship in times of Crisis.

Crisis - Daily Podcast #4 - Interview - Business, Remote Work, and the Virus

Kendall, Jason, and Robert discuss great tips on working from home, the book "Anointed for Business," and how to thrive as a marketplace leader during this time of crisis.

Crisis - Daily Podcast #3 - A Word to Global Workers

Robert and Kendall discuss a passage from the book of Acts that shows how the Apostle Paul handled disruptions and challenges on his missionary journey.

Crisis - Daily Podcast #2 - The Church & Crisis

Robert & Kendall share biblical context for how to prepare and respond to a crisis out of Acts Chapter 11.

Coronavirus Crisis - Daily Podcast #1 - Turning to God

Robert Herber and Kendall Laughlin share a devotional word in order to prepare our hearts for the current COVID-19 crisis.

The Power & Necessity of Vision for Leaders

Kendall Laughlin shares about the power and necessity of "vision" for leaders. We will also study a moment in the Gospels in Mark Chapter 8 in which Jesus restores a man's vision and how that story parallels the means in which God restores our vision today.

The 5 P's of Small Group Leadership

Jason Weatherred shares a timely and practical message to the leaders of All Peoples Church about the "5 P's" of being an excellent small group / Lifegroup leader.

Deploy • Being Sent Out to Change the World with Pastor Jonathan

Kendall interviews Jonathan Lair Ortega, pastor of All Peoples Tijuana, about the call of believers to be deployed into the purposes of God.

Disciple • Changing the World Through Discipleship with Robert Herber

Listen to this audio message from Pastor Robert Herber as he explains the Biblical vision for discipleship and why Jesus has ordained it as his plan for personal and global transformation.

Deliver • The Power of Freedom in Christ with Jeff Bianchi

Jeff Bianchi shares stories of Freedom at All Peoples Church and also shares with us the vision behind "Freedom Day," an important event that God uses to transform lives.

Dunked • All About Baptism

Kendall interviews Nick Taylor, All Peoples Youth Pastor as they discuss getting "dunked." This episode is all about God's vision for baptism and the positive effect that baptism has in the lives of those growing in their faith in Jesus. "Dunk" is the 2nd step in the All Peoples "5 D's" pathway.

Decision • Robert Herber

An interview with Robert Herber about "Decision," the first step on the All Peoples Pathway that we call "The 5 D's."

Coming Soon! • The All Peoples Leadership Podcast

Kendall introduces the the All Peoples Leadership Podcast.

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